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Aging Workforce Initiative

Leveraging the Talents of the Mature Workforce


For the next 15 to 25 years, in most industrialized countries the large Baby Boomer generation will be reaching traditional retirement age and leaving the workforce. To respond to this exodus of talent, organizations must recognize the value of mature workers and develop strategies to retain and engage them.


Mature workers—generally defined as workers over age 50 or 55—have experience and skills honed during decades of employment. Retaining talented mature workers—and recruiting new ones—is simply good business for most organizations.


SHRM Foundation is focused on challenging aging workforce myths, changing perceptions of older workers and facilitating positive transformation in organizations. FCSHRM is proud to partner with SHRM Foundation’s new and key initiative on the Aging Workforce.


The purpose of the Aging Workforce initiative is to understand and prepare for the demographic changes so organizations and local businesses can leverage the mature workforce as a valuable competitive advantage.


This is where you, the dedicated member of our Chapter can play an important role.

We need your support to make this partnership with SHRM Foundation a success. We need your commitment and participation to create awareness and educate your organizations and the business community in Frederick County.


We begin in earnest by creating a dedicated resource on our website. Click on the link provided below to access the wide variety of tools and resources (videos, white papers, industry data etc.) SHRM has identified for you. We encourage that you and your HR colleagues review them to address aging workforce issues and challenges in your organizations.


Tools and Resources to Leverage the Aging Workforce


SHRM - The Aging Workforce Research Initiative


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Complete the FCSHRM Aging Workforce Survey


As part of the initiative, FCSHRM has been asked to support the SHRM research and conduct a survey for our membership.   We hope that you will take a few minutes and complete the survey.   You can follow the link provided below.


2017 FCSHRM Aging Workforce Survey




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